Priyadarshan - Lissy Priyadarshan Divorce

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Priyadarshan was not interested in getting divorced and but Lizzy's parents wanted them to get separated and she agreed.

 The Divorce of Lissy and Priyadarshan is indeed another shock treatment to Mollywood, who is recently getting hotter with divorces.
Most of the problems started after the recent controversies related to Kerala Strikers in Celebrity Cricket League.

Lissi Priyadarshan is the owner of Kerala Strikers team and she is also looking after a studio at Chennai 4 Frames and recently she demanded a share of Rs.80 crores as remuneration for looking after these businesses.

This is said to have started the problems among them and there is also another unconfirmed news that Priyadarshan's friendship with another actress also led to the breakup.

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Mollywood - Bollywood Director Priyadarshan and Kerala Strikers owner Lissy Priyadarshan (Lizy) are divorcing.

The news that  Priyadarshan and Lissy Priyadarshanare separating was heard by all with a shock.

What is the Reason for Divorce between Lissy and Priyadarshan ?

From close sources of both of them it is known that problems between them started recently when Lissy demanded about Rs.80 crores as share for looking after his various businesses.

Break ups of relation among malayalam actresses and actors is being common and here comes another one between the happy family of Lissy and Priyadarshan.

What are the reasons that could cause the current situation of separation among this celebrity couple.

Lissy and Priyadarshan got married after creating a lot of problems due to lack of support from Lizzy's parents.

Lissy and her parents were having many issues among them after her marriage with director Priyadarshan.

Lissy had said in court that Varkey was not her father and in her school certificates it was given that George is her father and she was not responsible to give money to a person who is not her father.

Lissy and Priyadarshan have a son named Siddharth and a daughter Kalyani.

The most interesting thing is that before their marriage, Lissy had tried to commit suicide when her parents did not allow her to marry Priyadarshan.

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